Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring in Indiana

So, Emily talked me into getting my hair chopped off. It's been about five years, so I did it!
I went to Great Clips and donated my long locks. They use the hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Pretty cool idea.
What do you think?
This will be a busy month. Emily has her Senior Prom, finals and graduation! Wow! This is it. Alex has been hanging out with his buddies that have their own apt and he can't wait to have his own place. He's great! Being their mommy has to be one of the best parts of my life!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Family Fun

Riverwalk, San Antonio

The drive to San Antonio wasn't too bad. I was surprised that the road signs weren't helpful at all in knowing which exit to take, but we found our way. Downtown reminded me so much of some old cities in Brasil. There were lots of trees and squares with benches and fountains. Once you get to the Riverwalk, it's like entering a private garden. The street noise is gone and the trees, flowers and shrubs are wonderful. The walk is shaped like a "T" and part of it is much busier than the rest. Once you get close to the restaurants and the shops, it gets really crowded and noisy.
After enjoying the Riverwalk, we walked over the the Alamo. Then we stopped at a great little cafe for a snack. Heading back to the car, we enjoyed some of the old architecture. Back in the car, we headed East to Winnie, Texas for the night. Poor Michael had to drive through several hours of heavy rain. I'm so glad he was driving!

Wednesday, Caverns of Sonora

What a beautiful morning! We checked out of the hotel and drove about 7 miles west to the Caverns of Sonora. This is privately owned and has camping facilities, as well. There are deer all over. The caves were not developed for tours until many years after they had been discovered. The original opening led to a huge opening that dropped down so far, the explorers were afraid to attempt going further. I'm glad they finally found a way to get through, it's really an interesting site. Very different from the Mammoth caves in Kentucky. That's Michael, to the right.
Their website is
The tour lasted about 1 1/2 hours and the guide had alot of info to share on the history of the caves. One of the most incredible formations in the cave, was shaped liked a butterfly - but someone broke off one of the wings, so it doesn't quite look the same. What a shame!
After visiting the caves, we headed east to San Antonio. SPEED LIMIT 80 mph!! I guess because the roads are fairly straight and the distance is so great, you can really make great time.