Sunday, February 25, 2007

Road Trip 2007 - Part I

It's been almost a year since my last road trip, so it's definitely time. The last time we were all on the road together was in 2001. Two weeks. From Connecticut to Oklahoma, through Washington DC, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and back again.
This will be a special road trip for many reasons, so we're packing in alot of sights in just 8 1/2 days.
  • We'll be heading out on a Saturday, by 6pm. From Indiana we'll be driving west, through Illinois to Saint Louis, MO. The Arch will welcome us, just as all the pilgrims that have gone before. That will be a good place to take a quick break, before heading southwest to Springfield, MO. Birthplace of Route '66. Coffee will come in handy about now. Continuing southwest thru Joplin, MO, where we may take a small detour on "Old Route '66" to Miami, OK. A quick drive thru Miami to get a photo of the courthouse (that's where my parents eloped, back in 1962.) We'll catch breakfast somewhere in the area, then we'll continue on thru Vinita, OK (the nation's largest McD's - it stretches over the Will Rogers Turnpike), pass by Claremore, OK (home of Will Rogers) and Catoosa, OK (home of the Blue Whale). On through Tulsa, OK until we get to Chandler, OK (there are murals on the town's buildings and an old Phillips 66 station). From Chandler, OK, we'll head south to Shawnee, OK (home of OBU and St Augustine University). About 750 miles. Time for a break. ETA 9am Sunday morning.
  • Sunday in Shawnee, OK - best BBQ ever at Van's, and Shawnee Mills has wonderful muffin mixes. Load up on BBQ sauce and muffin mixes. Hang out with family.
  • Monday morning in Shawnee, visit St Gregory U and head out after lunch. Drive through Oklahoma City, then catch 44 south to Wichita Falls, TX. Take a quick break before heading south through Abilene, TX to San Angelo, TX on 277. We'll be crossing the great Colorado River and drive by the Twin Butte Reservoir. Between Abilene and San Angelo, the terrain will start to change as we get closer to the Edwards Plateau and The Hill Country. Our stop will be Sonora, TX. About 477 miles. ETA 9pm Monday evening.
I'll be posting pictures and notes along the way, so keep checking back!