Friday, January 27, 2006

Just To Be

I am a pilgrim on a journey. The road is mapped out ahead, but I can only see a few yards in the distance. One step at a time I boldly move with anticipation and curiosity. Sometimes I face pain around a corner, other times I am overwhelmed with kindness. In my pack, I carry a precious trove of memories. As I close my eyes to rest, I am reminded of friendly faces and peaceful places from years before. Each person has impressed me, contributed to my identity in some way. Some have travelled only a few short steps with me and others have travelled many miles. Some friends walk along for awhile, then dissappear for a season, before returning again to share their stories, their battles. I am not alone, even when I am by myself. This pack of memories keeps me warm and gives me hope of things to come. I am forever grateful to each one that has considered me a friend, a sister, a daughter, a part of their family. On this journey I have come across people of all walks of life. My hope is to befriend them and help them along on their journey; help them grow outside their shell, outside the walls built out of fear and hurt. This journey is not easy. There are no chariots to whisk us across the rocks and valleys. There are no wings to carry us over the swamps and deserts. But, there are friends who show us how to use the rocks, find beauty in the swamps and peace in the desert. This journey offers us an opportunity to discover our strengths. As we put our talents into practice, the sharper they become. The more we use our strengths to build others up and encourage them along the way, the sweeter our journey becomes. I hope that one day on your journey you come face to face with the Author of your pilgrimage, the Creator of life, the One true God who gives each journey a purpose worth living for. I've discovered that there is only One and no other. Only One God that provides the daily strength needed and peace that never ends, even along the darkest trails. There is no other love to compare with the love of God. Nothing else keeps my feet grounded and my eyes set on the future, the work that is yet to come. So, as I continue on my daily walk, I pray for those that have crossed my path and for those that feel lost in the dark. I pray that I may carry the Light to others who have given up and are ready to quit. Don't give up! There is only One Hope, One Way, One Sacrifice and it is not within us to save ourselves. The answer lies in placing our hope and trust in the True Shepherd, who was willing to give up His own life for us and by doing that became our Perfect Sacrifice, our Saviour. When we couldn't find our way, He opened the gate. He bridged the gap. He called our name. Through Jesus, In Jesus and With Jesus, I can boldly travel along without fear, guilt or shame.
May your journey be meaningful, may God open your eyes to see and your ears to hear all that He desires for you.